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Andy Loose Carpentry

Why Andy Loose Carpentry?

When you turn to professional help with your construction needs, you want more than just “a company that builds things”.  Andy Loose Carpentry specializes in designing and creating complete, personal construction projects.  Before we do anything, we consider all aspects of a project; not only aesthetics, but functional design, as well as client lifestyle and budget.

Andy Loose Carpentry is equipped to plan and implement any construction project concept. Our creative talent, extensive training and experience give us an edge that assures you of the best comprehensive design and complete, professional construction.

If you are still considering other contractors to do your project, take a look at some of the many advantages that are yours when you choose Andy Loose Carpentry:
RundeLeafSmall.tif  We are a trusted local business serving South Eastern Wisconsin ( West Bend, Port Washington, Saukville, etc.)
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Andy Loose has been building since 1995
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Certified and Licensed as a General Contractor 
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Authorized Pella Contractor 
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Andy Loose Carpentry offers a talented staff with a passion for building.
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Excellent customer service before, during and after job completion.
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Andy Loose Carpentry uses only top quality materials and suppliers.
RundeLeafSmall.tif  We pride ourselves with our high quality workmanship.
RundeLeafSmall.tif  We know the importance of responsive communications.
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Andy Loose Carpentry offers considerable value and competitive pricing.
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Timely completion
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Excellent safety record
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Regular business hours and by appointment.
RundeLeafSmall.tif  Andy Loose Carpentry is environmentally conscientious.

All work done by Andy Loose Carpentry is fully guaranteed to help you retain the value of your construction investment.

Thank you for your interest in Andy Loose Carpentry.